Our Next Show: Monday 11th October with Tom Crowley, Sharlin Jahan, Jacob Hatton, Alex Bertulis-Fernandes and more!!

Our Next Show: Monday 11th October with Tom Crowley, Sharlin Jahan, Jacob Hatton, Alex Bertulis-Fernandes and more!!

Hello! I am a fictional owl who runs an alternative comedy night at Hoopla Impro called Factually Inaccurate.

I am very excited to reveal the line-up for our October show, for which I will be perched in the rafters silently judging everyone. They’d better be funny.

Fortunately, the augurs are good.

Tom Crowley is a writer, actor and comedian whose voice you have probably heard on the radio. The radio! He played Aston Lang in The Royals, he performs and writer for fantastic podcast sitcom Wooden Overcoats, and has written for lots of other groovy stuff you probably already like. During lockdown he did his OWN sketch comedy podcast with LOTS of voices. MANY voices.

Sharlin Jahan is is a Bangladeshi, British, Canadian, Muslim, female stand-up living in London. She is also officially the first person to guest perform at Factually Inaccurate twice. Last time she was a last minute super-sub for Charlie George and was brilliant; this time she has plenty of time to prepare and therefore will be even more brilliant-er. That’s just basic mathematics. 

Sharlin tours with Funny Femmes, a split hour from three comedians who happen to be brown women. Another one of them might be on this bill too, find out later down the page.

“Hilariously funny. Her comedy is quirky and unique”

Jacob Hatton performs high energy, original stand up with a silly twist. Maybe he might sing us a song, too? There have been props before, and we are hoping there will be props this time. You will like him, things will be good.

“Endorphin milking titterfest” – Mumble

Alex Bertulis-Fernandes is a hilarious stand-up who tackles sensitive topics with a directness and charm we, a fictional owl, have rarely experienced before. Alex is also 1/3 of Funny Femmes, please also buy tickets for their show at the Battersea Arts Centre on 29th September. They’ve booked a big room.

“Alex’s material’s so prescient at the moment” – Sioned Wiliam, Commissioning Editor of Comedy for BBC Radio 4

Your host is James Walsh, and co-producer Maddi Sainsbury will also do something or other, possibly involving Schrödinger’s mandolin.

Tickets are £8 plus booking fee, and we have discounts for students, NHS workers, and Hoopla humans. You can also pay more – significantly more – if you’re a landlord.

You can also pay a bit more and get a copy of our fantastic fanzine, which has lovely interviews with comedians we like, reviews, listings, and other fun stuff.

Hoopla Impro is at The Miller in London Bridge. The nearest tube stations are London Bridge and Borough High Street, and the nearest hospital is Guy’s.

Hoopla Impro are awesome: check out all their shows and courses!