Our Next Show: Tuesday 10th May with Thom Tuck, Helen Duff, Luke Rollason, Camilla Borges, Ben Lund-Conlon, Luke Beahan and some owls

Our Next Show: Tuesday 10th May with Thom Tuck, Helen Duff, Luke Rollason, Camilla Borges, Ben Lund-Conlon, Luke Beahan and some owls

Oh hello! We’re Factually Inaccurate and we have been described as “a hidden London gem” by Jacob Hatton. Thanks Jacob!

We have another ludicrously good lineup for May. Yay! Buy tickets!

Have we booked too many acts again? Possibly. Who gains from this? YOU, THE CONSUMER.

The lineup

Thom Tuck

Returning champion Thom Tuck is an actor / comedian / writer / moustache wearer. We have dragged him away from performing in The Play What I Wrote to various bits of the country to perform at The Miller instead for ONE NIGHT ONLY. He is known as being 1/3rd of the Penny Dreadfulls and 6/8ths of himself. He was brilliant last time and we’re excited to see what he does this time around.

Helen Duff is a fabulous standup, actor, and clown. You might have heard her on THE RADIO or seen her ON THE TELLY or perhaps experienced her performing as a prawn to care home residents

“A formidable comic” – The Scotsman

Returning champion #2 Luke Rollason is a performer, writer and clown. He will do inspired physical comedy at you and my word, you will laugh. You will laugh a lot.

“Hilarious and thought-provoking” – Chortle

Camilla Borges is a stand-up, writer and performer who is Factually Inaccurate’s own personal albatross, having been booked to perform at not one but two cancelled shows. We are excited to finally have her on, to prove that she’s real and not the victim of an old pirate’s curse.

Ben Lund-Conlon is an “intelligent” and “self-referential” comedian whose material we enjoy very much. Will we have cause remove the quote marks after the show? Come along and find out!

Luke Beahan is a writer and performer with the excellent sketch group The Free Mondays. For this show he comes solo, naked the day as he was born, and with jokes he has written all by himself. We are very excited. 

Your MC is James Walsh and your roving performer and officially sanctioned stylophone handler is Maddi Sainsbury.

Tickets for the show are £7.50, with discounts for assorted people like students and NHS workers. There will also be a COMEDY FANZINE that you can buy, either on the door with money or with your ticket via Eventbrite.

The venue is The Miller near London Bridge and we’re upstairs.

Hoopla Impro is at The Miller in London Bridge. The nearest tube stations are London Bridge and Borough High Street, and the nearest hospital is Guy’s.

Hoopla Impro are awesome: check out all their shows and courses!