Our Next Show: Tuesday 13 September with Simon Munnery, Shalaka Kurup, Helen Duff and some owls

Our Next Show: Tuesday 13th September with Simon Munnery, Helen Duff, Shalaka Kurup and some owls

Clockwise from left: Shalaka Kurup, an owl, Helen Duff, a dog, James Walsh, Maddi Sainsbury, and Simon Munnery.

Praise for Factually Inaccurate:

“What a wonderful night. It was super fun and also I learnt a lot!” – Yuriko Kotani

“This show was an absolute delight” – Vix Leyton

“Everything the London DIY scene should be” – Jacob Hatton

We’re back!

After a summer hiatus Factually Inaccurate is back for the autumn season! We have wonderful guest acts, a projector we kind of know how to use, and many surprises, often to ourselves.


Our headliner for September is the wonderful Simon Munnery, a legendary figure in the alternative world and someone we personally have loved since approximately 1993. 

His characters – Alan Parker Urban Warrior, The League Against Tedium, and Buckerhead among them – rank along the funniest I’ve ever seen, and it’s a total honour to have him on. We have no idea what he’s going to do and that’s fine.

“One of the all-time great British stand-ups” – Stewart Lee

Helen Duff is funny and fabulous and we feel bad for not managing to get her on before. Helen does character. She does stand-up. She does comedy kids like, and old people like, and everyone in between. We are super excited.

“A formidable comic” – The Scotsman

Shalaka Kurup is an immigrant and a big fan of living, laughing and loving. She’s also a doctor by education, a comedian by choice and a user experience researcher by needing to pay the bills.

She is rumoured to know about about trains and our fragmented rail network, and we definitely don’t expect her to talk about this.

“A deadpan joy” – The Morning Star*

Your host is James Walsh and your unusual instruments lecturer is Maddi Sainsbury.

There will also be more acts TBC, but GET YOUR TICKETS SOON as this one will sell out.

The venue: upstairs at The Miller in London Bridge

The Price: £7.50 with discounts for Hoopla people, students and NHS workers

The vibe: Just about on top of things.

* Full disclosure: one of our producers wrote this particular review. But we know what we’re talking about

The venue is The Miller near London Bridge and we’re upstairs.

Hoopla Impro is at The Miller in London Bridge. The nearest tube stations are London Bridge and Borough High Street, and the nearest hospital is Guy’s.

Hoopla Impro are awesome: check out all their shows and courses!