Factually Inaccurate #4: Elizabeth Smyth, Richard Vranch, Eleanor Morton and Joz Norris

Gorgeous fanzines.

We did it! We came back for another show!

With your MC and host struggling a bit with his brain and on only 3 hours’ sleep, and the co-producer battling a migraine, this could have been a comedy disaster.

Instead it was our best show yet, thanks to brilliant guests with typically fun and varied interpretations of our remit, and a warm and welcoming audience who absolutely understood what we were trying to do – possibly better than we did – and were invested from the start.

How lovely!

After an intro involving Chubby Checker and the news Factually Inaccurate had been outsourced and that we must all – if able – stand for the G4S corporate anthem, we launched straight into our first act, Elizabeth Smyth, with the vague aspiration of finishing the entire show by 9:30 (this didn’t quite happen).

Elizabeth is very charming. She decided to do a lecture on SOME RANDOM GUY (her friend from university), with lots of lovely slides of youth, jokes, and a very natural stage presence.

Next up was Tim Burgers-Lee,Wimpy Restaurants’ long-standing and long-suffering marketing manager. “That’s the MC!”, shouted one audience member as I came on stage, indicating that just putting on a shirt and tie and affecting a northern accent does not yet make me a master of disguise.

Tim Burgers-Lee

But I enjoyed my partially improvised, doomed tale of a man trapped in the wrong job and the wrong era, and I think there’s more I can do with him.

Next up was Richard Vranch – yes, that Richard Vranch. He gave a fascinatingly detailed and extremely stupid lecture, with huge numbers of slides, absolutely none of which were real.

There are too many favourite bits, but my favourite favourite bit involved HG Wells, gold voyager records, and the issues with voting for reality tv shows when you live in a faraway solar system.

Richard Vranch

Then there was an interval. Intervals are very important, you can go for a wee and everything.

Our second half was kicked off by the excellent Eleanor Morton, who we interview in issue #3 of the fanzine[ [1]. She did a very enjoyable bit on the history of women’s pockets, and the punchline was SEXISM.

She also did a rap about the Crimea War.

Our lights were too bright.

We then had Maddi Sainsbury, with a collection of stylophones and souls. I definitely learned something about the appendix; although whether what I learned is true or not remains to be seen. Such is the beauty of our remit!

Soul not pictured.

I missed the very start of Joz Norris’ opening set due to a wee and beer break. When I came back, he looked like this:

Norris, who also gave a really thoughtful interview for the fanzine, was extremely silly and also rather profound – profoundly silly? And probably got the biggest laughs of the night with his readings from a book of conversations between the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu.

And all of a sudden, fifteen minutes later than planned, it was over, and we all shuffled away from the immediate vicinity of the stage to chat and plot. It was lovely to have a proper chinwag with Richard Vranch in particular, who came to join us in the downstairs bar and charm us with his ludicrous stories and fuzzy, Impro logic.

Big thanks to Jamie for tech, Maddi for co-production, and all our acts and audience members for being awesome.

Our next show is Monday 13th October. Hopefully see some of you then!

[1] issue three, released to coincide with the fourth live show. It all makes sense! If you want one, get in touch x

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