Factually Inaccurate #5: Sharlin Jahan, Jacob Hatton and Tom Crowley

This month’s review is going to be a slightly strange one, for two main reasons: one, we have no photos of the performances, [1], and two, I am suffering from some form of flu, which means that my recollections from the night might take the form of some crazed fever dream.

James’ ukulele, Chekhov’s mandolin and some kind of owl.

This was our first quiet night, in terms of ticket sales.

I think every promoter knows that there’ll be a show whereby no matter how good the lineup, and how enthusiastic the promotion, people just don’t wanna come out.

Ah well. The people that *did* turn up were very into it, that’s the main thing right? My anxiety made me very “we’re sorry we tricked you into thinking we know what we’re doing” with regards to the guest acts, but I’m sure they’ve all experienced far quieter rooms and less receptive audiences.

Having spent the weekend panicking about the likely lack of punters [2], I was pretty zen on show night. Tom Crowley put me immediately at ease with his reassurance and charm, and my co-producer Maddi was also pretty chill.

Our latest fantastic fanzine, cover by Madeleine Horsley.

Jamie, our excellent tech human, was put through his paces with belated audio requests from Jacob Hatton, while I tried to decide whether to MC in a brazen or apologetic fashion. I went for the former, and am glad I did.

Our forever battle with the projector continues, however. Jacob’s set, on the nature of time, set to a pleasingly disturbing musical backdrop, was sullied slightly by our non-clicking clicker, but was still thoroughly amusing and exactly the kind of experimental but still laugh-packed set that we hope for when poorly explaining our remit.

Next up was Tim Burgers-Lee, Wimpy’s long-suffering marketing manager, who was invited back after last month, possibly out of pity. I was *not* expecting to have some of the same punters as last time I tried this character, but I got good feedback and a decent joke hit rate, even if I need to stop talking over my own slides.

I was slightly out of sync between the jokes on the screen and the jokes coming out of my mouth, and that’s definitely something to work on if I’m going to continue to refine this tragi-comic character in future.

There was just enough time to remove Tim’s jacket before I was back on stage to introduce Sir Chuntley Buffingham, who may or may not be related to Tom Crowley. I guess we’ll never know.

Man I had a lot of fun with this. Really my job was just to ask a few questions and let Buffingham fly off into his own ludicrous world, and I tried to stay in character as a pompous film reviewer though the corners of my mouth were twitching dangerously. Buffingham – if that is his real name – recorded the interview for a future Patreon tidbit for subscribers to Crowley Time, so I look forward to hearing that when the time comes.

An interval then happened.

The second half started with Maddi finally playing Chekhov’s Mandolin, after the revelation that controversial Doctor Who opinions are only controversial if you’re performing to a room of Doctor Who fans.

And then, finally, Sharlin Jahan, with a new bit on world war movies. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone here by writing down the jokes – that would be unprofessional – but it was funny, righteous, and true, and I really hope it’s a routine that she perseveres with, for the extremely selfish reason that I’d love to hear it again.

A bunch of us then went downstairs for a really lovely hour of chatting and putting the world to rights. Which, I think, might be partly why we do all this in the first place?

[1] apparently the whole thing was recorded, so I will have screen grab images to stick in here in due course.

[2] also trying to book a replacement for Alex Bertulis-Fernandes, who sadly had to pull out due to a bad cold

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