Charlie George interview: ‘Marry someone who’s willing to take the bins out & see the glimmer in your trash’

Photo by Andy Hollingworth

Hi Charlie! We love your comedy. Thanks for agreeing to perform at Factually Inaccurate On a scale of 1-10, how poorly have we explained our own remit?

About a 3 I reckon. I remember Maddi leaning over a tin of olives – yes I said tin of olives! – at ACMS and saying do you want to do our gig Charlie? You don’t have to know anything and I thought well that I can do.

In the unlikely event one of our readers hasn’t heard of you, how would you describe yourself to a 47 year old marketing executive from Dunstable?
Imagine the best night of your life mixed with the most shame you could cause your family and quite a lot of hair.

Factually Inaccurate is all about FACTS. We love them all equally, even if they’re not true. Do you have a favourite FACT you’d like to share with us?

Mega novelist Stephen King had his first book Carrie rejected 30 times. Dejected, Stephen dumped the book in the trash. His wife retrieved it and implored him to resubmit it which led to his first book deal and spawned his illustrious career.

The lesson in this fact! Marry someone who’s willing to take the bins out & see the glimmer in your trash. Swoon!

Was there a particular tv show or live comedian you saw that made you realise “yep, that’s what I going to do”? NB the live comedian can be dead.

There was this theatre company called Gonzo Moose who came to my secondary school in Swindon and in the cast there was this badass woman called Pascal who played an entire Greek senate, switching seats to embody all the characters and give them different features/mannerisms.
She had this really malleable face and was just hilarious; with one look she could have an audience howling in recognition of who that was. I was mesmerized. I knew then that was exactly what I wanted to do. Contort my face to make people erupt in laughter.

You’ve written for many incredible shows. Is there any one thing you’re most proud of being involved with?

I am most proud when audience members connect with what I do and enjoy it. I did a stand up show in Soho once and two men came up to me afterwards to say how they were getting married soon, after one of them had been previously disfellowshipped from the Jehovah’s Witnesses for his sexuality – a very similar experience to mine. They loved my set and hearing about my experiences with the faith which were relatable to them personally. They both looked so happy and free being themselves without judgement, sharing in the celebration of people’s liberation and them finding their true selves is a real gift of this work. For me, great comedy shows us who we are deep down, how we’re not alone; we’re deeply connected in our human brilliance & stupidity!

We both share names with more famous people. Mine is the singer in an average noughties arena-rock band called Starsailor. Yours is a 1970s footballer. Has anyone ever come to see you expecting to see the latter, and do you have any SEO tips for me?

I very much enjoy lying about how the real Charlie George and myself are related and seeing if I can get away with it, or fabricating a story about how my ancestors were actually huge Arsenal fans and named me after him, that sort of thing, I say have fun with it! A lot of people expect me to be a white man who is good at football and scaring the hell out of them by being a brown woman who went to Circus school is way more fun if you ask me!

M’esteemed co-producer Maddi is the brains of the operation, so indulge me: which up and coming comedians should we be seeing and booking for our night? 

Mary O’Connell

Alex Bertulis-Fernandes

Sharlin Jahan

It is August. What’s the worst holiday you’ve ever been on, and did it involve caravans? Mine did. 

Yes! We always had really boring holidays as kids, where the most exciting thing to happen was throwing grapes on a dog’s head in the rain from our caravan window. So we’d get obsessed with coming up with games to play to spice up our lives.I basically got into fire eating, long before I went to Circus school! We’d line-up an assault course of a large tablespoon of Scotch bonnet hot pepper sauce, a line of marmite on a knife and then a tower of Jacobs crackers, you’d have to spoon it, knife it, chomp it and see how long you could go till you cried/needed a glass of water.I highly recommend spoon it, knife it, chomp it for your next shit caravan holiday.

We’re trying to ask as many people as possible what they’d do if they were Doctor Who showrunner, even without doing the basic research of whether the person we’re asking likes Doctor Who. What are your plans when you’re handed the role?

Turn it into a cutting edge medical drama. The Central character is a man called Nigel Who, who trains to become a renowned doctor

in Glastonbury. Constantly under threat by witch doctors in the village, who each week compete to cure the ills of the locals. Will it be Julie the middle

class shaman and her crystals!? Or Dr. Who, who saves the day and recovers the shopkeeper from a hazardous thyroid problem!?

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