About Factually Inaccurate Stand-Up

We’re an alternative stand up night with slides!

We started the night in summer 2021 with the idea of having a faux-lecture format, but we enjoy not really explaining this to our acts and seeing what they come up with. Expect a mix of stand-up, character comedy, improv, sketch, and the occasional stylophone solo.

There may be prizes.

Testimonials from past acts

Thank you so much for having me, what a wonderful night. It was super fun and also I learnt a lot!

Yuriko Kotani

This show was an absolute delight.

Vix Leyton

Come see me expose my intellectual inadequacies.

Luke Rollason

The Producers

Maddi Sainsbury (they/them) is a fairly legendary London comedy audience member making that inevitable move to the stage. A Hoopla trained writer and performer, Maddi is a founding member of Next Level Sketch. They collect musical instruments, so expect a mandolin, banjolele, or a stylophone to make an appearance at some point. You can follow Maddi on Twitter.

James Walsh (he/him) is not the singer out of Starsailor. A Hoopla-trained sketchwriter, stand-up and improviser, James co-produces Next Level Sketch, recently released his debut solo album, and doesn’t own as many ukuleles as Maddi.

He tweets @jamesofwalsh.

From left to right: Maddi, a cat, James.
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