About Factually Inaccurate Stand-Up

We’re an alternative stand up night with slides!

We at Factually Inaccurate take no responsibility for the truthfulness or otherwise of the funny lectures you will hear at our night. You may leave the venue having learned something. You may leave having had knowledge sucked out of you and replaced with something untrue. But we can guarantee laughter and strageness.

Our performers will be a mixture of up and coming comedians who we like very much, and more established comedians who we like very much. We explain our remit to them, poorly, and see what they come up with.

There may be prizes.

Testimonials from past acts

Thank you so much for having me, what a wonderful night. It was super fun and also I learnt a lot!

Yuriko Kotani

This show was an absolute delight.

Vix Leyton

Come see me expose my intellectual inadequacies.

Luke Rollason

The Producers

Maddi Sainsbury (they/them) is a fairly legendary London comedy audience member making that inevitable move to the stage. A Hoopla trained writer and performer, Maddi is a founding member of Next Level Sketch. They collect musical instruments, so expect a mandolin, banjolele, or a stylophone to make an appearance at some point. You can follow Maddi on Twitter.

James Walsh (he/him) is not the singer out of Starsailor. A Hoopla-trained sketchwriter, stand-up and improviser, James co-produces Next Level Sketch, recently released his debut solo album, and doesn’t own as many ukuleles as Maddi.

He tweets @jamesofwalsh.

From left to right: Maddi, a cat, James.
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