Factually Inaccurate: A London Comedy Fanzine

We decided that London needs a dedicated comedy fanzine, for listings, interviews, reviews and the like. So far we’ve interviewed Gemma Arrowsmith, Charlie George, Jenan Younis, MJ Hibbett, and a marine biologist who looks suspiciously like Charlie Vero-Martin. Issue #3 will be out on Monday!

On this page, you will find [PDF] copies of our past issues. We make these beautiful things at a loss, so if you’re unable to make one of our shows but you would like to buy a paper one, or give us money for the joy of reading them online, pay us via Ko-Fi or email us so we can figure out sending you one IRL.

Issue #1 – July 2021

Issue #2: August 2021

Issue #3: September 2021

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